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Castillo heard about Costa Rica soccer jersey league team's style of play, perhaps it is easier to understand his team in the performance, individual ability is outstanding, but sometimes with the rhythm of the team are not on point, some say, he may need to his style similar mate partner can fully play out.

"I belong to the interspersed type, more flexible player, good at Brazil world cup jersey team to create opportunities." Castillo played on in front, fought back, "before I have been playing the waist, came to the team, also played the waist. Asked the two position on the player will have some differences, but the coach arrangement where I play, I will make all-out efforts."

Castillo said, through the 10 league temper, he is gradually adapt to the China football rhythm, in addition to play my own game, he will watch the other team over the game, like the Beijing Guoan, Guangzhou hengda. "In Qingdao have very happy, very happy, also very well with teammate." In Castillo's opinion, can the team, although the results better than expected, but still a very strong team, there 2014 world cup jerseys are many good players in the team, "such as Mao Jianqing".

Now, Castillo and his wife live together in Qingdao, in addition to the game, they will have time to go out for a walk, shopping, "it said after the tournament will be too early, but I love this city." Castillo said, he put all his energies are focused on the pitch, and I believe that through their own efforts, can help can the team returned to the superior. Castillo said, "Costa Rica domestic club more like Barcelona, like keep passing the ball to kill the opponent. Chinese League rhythm quicker, more direct, I really like the rhythm."

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